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by Kevin Jones on September 5, 2008

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End of another week – a short week. Got to love that.

EMAIL: I catch myself all the time!  I start an email and think: Doh!  And then I figure out another way – a better way overall – to do it.  More about that on Monday when I give a report of my progress to cut down on email.

TED: On the way home I ‘watched’ a couple TED videos this week.  Loved them both (as I usually do).  The first was Clay Shirky on Institutions vs. Collaboration.  Although I ‘watched’ it in the car, I highly suggest you wait until you are at your desk or in your living room.  Then, take a note pad and have the pause button ready.  Write down the thoughts that come to you.  Lots of great insights here.

The second was Kevin Kelly’s (which happens to be my and my wife’s names together) Predicting the next 5000 days of the web.  Take-away?  We take for granted what we already have.  “It is amazing!  And we’re not amazed!”  Great thoughts of where this might go.

BOOK: Beyond school books I received slide:ology last night.  I have to wait until Monday to start reading it, but I am excited to start.

SPEAKING: On September 19th I will be doing a webinar as part of the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum about social learning and would love to incorporate some of the things I learn from the book into that.

In November I am joining ELG’s DevLearn08 to present 15 objections to social learning and how to overcome them.  Also getting geared up for that.  I loved the Annual Gathering in April – best one I have been to so far and I can imagine that this is very similar.  I highly suggest that you get out to DevLearn.

City of Las Vegas

NEXT WEEK: In Las Vegas for a company client conference I have put together.  LOTS of work leading up to it.  It will be great to actually do it.   I will be doing a lot of blogging, but specifically for the conference, and not so much here (as if I was prolific in the first place!)

UPDATE (One more thing…): A lot of people ask about tools.  Here is a great list of tools to use. I could add a few others.  Check out my (smaller) list at the Social Learning SIG site.

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